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Why do some of my items come in different packages?

We have different suppliers to get you great merchandise with reasonable shipping times, and to provide you with free or low priced shipping options.

Why Do some of my items take longer than Amazon to receive?

We do have one or two over seas manufacturers that do take a bit longer than Amazon to receive your items; this is why we only carry a few manufacturers to limit longer shipping times. We strive to make sure you receive your items within 12 business days, even though the product description page may state up to 25 business days, in case there is a problem on the manufacturers end of order processing.

Why are your bras, underwear, sports bras, lingerie not returnable?

By Law undergarments: Bras, Sports Bras, Intimate Lingerie, Underwear, Swim suits are not returnable for health and sanitary reasons. Unless item is damaged, defective and is documented as such (see return policy), within 12 days, we do not give refunds. Please measure carefully as we try to make certain that size reference charts are available and/or product description states "Fits Up To Sizes ...".

Why do your product description pages say "Color (s) May Vary From Your Monitor"?

This is a way to make sure that it is stated clearly, that computer monitors have different resolutions and when you receive your item the color may not be as you had seen it on your monitor, but slightly different.